Our Story

Our Story

Illuminate Skin Therapies formulates strategic, compassionate skincare solutions. Our technicians are highly trained and empathetic, delivering therapeutic care to our clients with the support of products and services, which are consciously created using premium ingredients and knowledge. Illuminate is committed to delivering high-performance results that are reliable and cumulative due to consistent refinement.

Our passion for healthy skin and the benefits of a glowing complexion inspires us to be the most timeless, sought-after skincare provider, educator and thought leader in Calgary.

Where We Began

Illuminate Skin Therapies was created in 2014 by Kyla Filliol; inspired by a foundational desire to challenge the narrow perspective of beauty and offer innovative, equitable beauty solutions to the collective. Our innovation evolves from the merging of science, strategy, and the time-honoured, nourishing power of nature.

Illuminate invests organizational resources into knowing who we are, what we have to offer, and who can most benefit from our knowledge and passion. Our team has connected over our own skincare challenges, and we have realized that our beauty blind spots were most effectively illuminated by sharing skincare solutions through the community. We have strong, candid opinions that we hold with quiet confidence and that we communicate with compassion, intention, and by example. Within our culture, there is space and patience for adaptation and change. This encourages our staff, clients, and beauty community to be a part of the Illuminate Skin Therapies beauty revolution.

Our Illuminate Pillars Remind Us To Be:

  • Consistent: Do all things with purpose. Grounded and deliberate, Illuminate is a reliable and trusted source of knowledge. Repeat; proven results deliver value, naturally.
  • Compassionate: Respect for all living beings. An understanding of our interconnectedness as living beings and the responsibility we share to contribute positively and impactfully within our communities
  • Timeless: Keeping it simple, clean, and classic. Unaffected by trends, Illuminate elicits a sense of ease, security, and enduring loyalty.
  • Therapeutic: Trustworthy, transparent care built upon a foundation of proven science. Therapy becomes the mediator through which health of the body and mind are maintained.

Natural Treatments And Skin Care Solutions

Our Illuminate treatments and products are science and technology-based and holistically and organically derived. We are committed to the highest delivery of healthy skin using non-invasive, supportive, and effective methods. Our treatments remedy, refine, heal, and elevate and our line of skincare products enhance care by bringing skin to homeostasis. Utilized together or alone, the Illuminate Skin Treatments and Skincare will provide a healthy, glowing, vital complexion.


Why We Do What We Do

Our goal is to make a positive impact on you, and your skin. Our professional, relatable, and transparent Skin Therapists are highly trained and empathetic, delivering therapeutic care to you at every single interaction. Our skincare product line is handmade and created consciously using sustainable, premium ingredients that deliver the most effective and enduring results. We are always evolving and creating; always innovating and improving our products.

How We Do What We Do

Our treatments are founded in technology, informed by science, but really based on lifestyle. All of our treatments are tailored for you; your complexion goals and the needs of your skin. We offer both non-ablative laser services (healing without notable injury to the epidermis) and ablative lasers, which penetrate deeper into the skin and require some social downtime for healing. Your program will be uniquely yours. Your journey will be solely based on your specific needs, not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

Skin Care Solutions That Speak For Themselves

We are confident that we have the tools and technologies to help everyone achieve optimal skin health; glowing, radiant, and vital complexions. We bring insight and skill to every skincare journey we design. Our results speak for themselves, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients say it best...


Complimentary Consults

Perhaps the most important phase of our journey together is your complimentary consultation. This is your opportunity to see what our passion for the details of your skin will look like with Illuminate as your skincare guide can look like! During this 30-45 minutes of shared exchange, we will get to know your skin in real-time, develop an appreciation for the way you care for your skin, and hopefully answer any questions you have! We are here to help you develop or expand upon your individual skincare philosophy, including best practices, care, and services! 

Skincare For Everyone

Illuminate Skin Therapies was created to provide effective, healing, nurturing skincare solutions for clients. We strive to facilitate a relationship between clients and their complexions so they can develop healthy skin wellness strategies that will help them achieve a lifetime of beauty, laughter, satisfaction, and glowing, vital skin. With in-depth consultations and informed, insightful knowledge, we provide each client with a customized roadmap for their journey to achieving optimal skin health.

Connect with our compassionate and skilled team at Illuminate Skin Therapies today to discuss your own obstacles to skin wellness and explore the innovative and effective treatment options available. Book your Complimentary Consultation in West Calgary now.

Our Team

Full Service Skin Care Tailored For You

Full Service Skin Care Tailored For You

Illuminate Skin Therapies is committed to providing elevated and accessible skincare solutions to serve Calgary and the area. Our beautiful, welcoming, and relaxing skin wellness centre boasts state-of-the-art technologies, private consultation spaces, and a retail space of top-of-the-line skin care products to support our clients on their journey to vital, glowing skin. Book your Complimentary Consultation today.

Illuminate Your Skin

Illuminate Skin Therapies creates strategic, compassionate skincare solutions. Our technicians are highly trained and empathetic, delivering therapeutic care with the support of products and services that are consciously created using premium ingredients and innovative techniques. Illuminate is committed to delivering high-performance results, which are reliable and cumulative due to consistent refinement and challenge to the conventional standard for beauty.

Our clinic uses only the most revolutionary Standard for technology advancements in Medical Aesthetics. Contact Us Today!

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