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Illuminate Skin Therapies formulates strategic, compassionate skincare solutions. Our technicians are highly trained and empathetic, delivering therapeutic care to our clients with the support of products and services, which are consciously created using premium ingredients and knowledge. Illuminate is committed to delivering high-performance results that are reliable and cumulative due to consistent refinement.

Our passion for healthy skin and the benefits of a glowing complexion inspires us to be the most timeless, sought-after skincare provider, educator and thought leader in Calgary.

Activate Your Most Radiant Glow

Illuminate Skin Therapies stands apart by offering clients value with the most effective and enduring treatments and products available today. By providing education for optimal skin health, treatments with immediate results, and nurturing a relationship with healthy skin for life, you are choosing the right partner when you choose Illuminate.


Natural Treatments And Skin Care Solutions

Our Illuminate treatments and products are science and technology-based and holistically and organically derived. We are committed to the highest delivery of healthy skin using non-invasive, supportive, and effective methods. Our treatments remedy, refine, heal, and elevate and our line of skincare products enhance care by bringing skin to homeostasis. Utilized together or alone, the Illuminate Skin Treatments and Skincare will provide a healthy, glowing, vital complexion.


Treatments + Conditions

Illuminate Skin Therapies offers a variety of skincare solutions to address a number of challenging skin conditions. Here you can explore the skin health challenges and the effective and enhancing services we provide and the options available to achieve your most radiant and vital complexion.


Complexion Rehab
Complexion Rehab

Type of Treatment: Laser: Lifestyle-Friendly, Non-Ablative (No Downtime) $99/session Complexion Rehab is an adaptable, 8-week program that uses strategic laser therapy and the nourishing support of organic, plant-based skincare to enhan

Dull Complexion
Dull Complexion

Dull Complexion: What Is It? Dull skin tone is a result of excess dead skin cells that build up on the surface of your skin. Your skin can lose its natural luminosity because of dryness, damaged cells, or slow cell turnover, all of which

Skin Care Solutions That Speak For Themselves

We are confident that we have the tools and technologies to help everyone achieve optimal skin health; glowing, radiant, and vital complexions. We bring insight and skill for every skincare journey we design. Our results speak for themselves, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients say it best..


Our Skin Therapies Team Is Here For You

With the same care and attention to detail we have used to curate our treatments, services, and products, we have also cultivated a team of compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable skin care professionals. When you choose Illuminate Skin Therapies, you choose a team passionate about what they do and committed to an environment of support and education to guide you on your journey to optimal skin health and a glowing radiant complexion.


Your Journey To Optimal Skin Health

Your Journey to healthy and radiant skin is unique. The team at Illuminate Skin Therapies is committed to meeting each client where they’re at and guiding them to glowing, vital complexions with compassion, knowledge, and supportive communication. Although the path to your glow is extraordinary, here is a guide to what you might expect.

Complimentary Consult
1. Complimentary Consult

Illuminate Skin Therapies takes a deliberate approach to assessing your skin + body care needs.

Complexion Compass

A map to lead the way! We will create a personalized strategy to guide you to optimal skin health and you may have your first service same-day-week 1.

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Personalized Approach
2. Personalized Approach

Your Skin is as unique as your fingerprints, and like you, your skin requires a tailored approach.


First Weeks

These visits will focus on detoxification and foundational skin health to heal and prime your skin.

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Onglowing Benefits
3. Onglowing Benefits

Inspired by the satisfaction of existing clients, our Onglowing Program simplifies your future glow.


Enhanced & Refining Treatments

Once again, your Complexion Compass is our measure and our counsel.

Our Skin Treatments

Illuminate Your Skin

Illuminate Skin Therapies creates strategic, compassionate skincare solutions. Our technicians are highly trained and empathetic, delivering therapeutic care with the support of products and services that are consciously created using premium ingredients and innovative techniques. Illuminate is committed to delivering high-performance results, which are reliable and cumulative due to consistent refinement and challenge to the conventional standard for beauty.

Our clinic uses only the most revolutionary Standard for technology advancements in Medical Aesthetics. Contact Us Today!

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