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Complexion Rehab

Complexion Rehab

Type of Treatment: Laser: Lifestyle-Friendly, Non-Ablative (No Downtime)

Complexion Rehab is an adaptable, 8-week program that uses strategic laser therapy and the nourishing support of organic, plant-based skincare to enhance skin efficiency and promote preventative, graceful aging. Complexion Rehab provides relief for common skin concerns like inflammation, congestion, and pigmentation-related concerns like acne, texture, and Melasma.

During your Complimentary Consult, your Illuminate Skin Therapist will guide you through a holistic, one-size-fits-one skincare inquiry, which results in a tailored journey, pairing two FDA-approved lifestyle-oriented (no downtime/non-ablative) laser wavelengths to treat a broad spectrum of skin-related challenges.

More About Complexion Rehab

What Conditions Does Complexion Rehab Address?

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Inflammation
  • Congestion
  • Pore Refining, fine line reduction
  • Volumizing, Collagen stimulation (Preventative)

The Key Benefits Of Complexion Rehab

  • Fading and/or Elimination of Pigmentation: Melasma, Age Spots, UV Damage, Unwanted Freckles
  • Calming, Relief and/or Reduction of Inflammation: Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis
  • Relief Of and/ or Elimination of Congestion: Black + Whiteheads, Dullness, Congested + Inflamed Acne
  • Preventative: Skin Refinement, Retexturizing, Volumization

Duration and Number Of Treatments

The first 4 weeks (roughly one skin cycle) of 8 weekly visits begin at the source-stimulating detoxification and regeneration, and collagen stimulation begins. This is followed by a second skin cycle of revitalization, resulting in reduced and/or eliminated congestion, fading pigmentation and inflammation, smaller pores, and more even tone/consistency. You will notice a smoother, more vital complexion, affectionately referred to as The Illuminate G L O W!

What Are The Expected Results? How Long Will They Last?

Results look like reduced and/or eliminated congestion, fading pigmentation and calmed inflammation and acne, smaller pores, and more even tone/consistency. Clients notice a smooth, more vital complexion, progress is cumulative and compounds over time, the more consistent clients are, the more consistent results are! With continued treatment, results grow! Although we can slow down time and turn back the clock, we cannot prevent aging; the goal of complexion is to age gracefully and maintain healthy, vital skin.

Complimentary Consults

Perhaps the most important phase of our journey together is your complimentary consultation. This is your opportunity to see what our passion for the details of your skin will look like with Illuminate as your skincare guide can look like! During this 30-45 minutes of shared exchange, we will get to know your skin in real-time, develop an appreciation for the way you care for your skin, and hopefully answer any questions you have! We are here to help you develop or expand upon your individual skincare philosophy, including best practices, care, and services! 

Conditions Complexion Rehab Treats

Illuminate Skin Therapies offers a variety of skincare solutions to address a number of challenging skin conditions. Here you can explore the skin health challenges and the effective and enhancing services we provide and the options available to achieve your most radiant and vital complexion.

Full Service Skin Care Tailored For You

Full Service Skin Care Tailored For You

Illuminate Skin Therapies is committed to providing elevated and accessible skincare solutions to serve Calgary and the area. Our beautiful, welcoming, and relaxing skin wellness centre boasts state-of-the-art technologies, private consultation spaces, and a retail space of top-of-the-line skin care products to support our clients on their journey to vital, glowing skin. Book your Complimentary Consultation today.

Illuminate Your Skin

Illuminate Skin Therapies creates strategic, compassionate skincare solutions. Our technicians are highly trained and empathetic, delivering therapeutic care with the support of products and services that are consciously created using premium ingredients and innovative techniques. Illuminate is committed to delivering high-performance results, which are reliable and cumulative due to consistent refinement and challenge to the conventional standard for beauty.

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